About Us

Founded in 2017 out of frustration in trying to purchase a gift box of local items for my wife while on a girl's weekend in NYC, I decided that there should be a site available in every major metro around the country that focuses on selling locally made and locally sourced items only. 

My name is Ben Wilson and I am the Founder and Chief Gifter at Batch and Bundle. I have partnered with some amazing Pittsburgh artists, entrepreneurs, crafters, and overall awesome people to bring Batch and Bundle to life! We are updating every day and trying to make your experience with Batch and Bundle one that makes you want to tell people about us. 

If you ever have any issues, please contact me at ben.wilson@batchandbundle.com or on my cell phone 412.915.2386, I am attempting to be there for every customer so if I don't answer, expect a call back very shortly. My retail background has shown me that customer care is more important than the products you sell a lot of times. Here at Batch and Bundle, we want both, to sell incredible products, made by incredible people, and create an experience for the customer that is memorable and exciting. 

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out! 

Local Love! 

Kind regards,

Ben Wilson, Founder and Chief Gifter