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Batch & Bundle - A Customer Experience Co. Pivot. Pivot. Pivot! It's a lot harder than getting a couch up some stairs in this case but it's time to take my years of experience working closely with customers in multiple industries, from a wide range of demographics, and face to face, digitally, over the phone, you name a scenario, I probably tried to make a customer happy over that platform. With this experience and knowledge base, coupled with a passion for embracing new technology to help improve lives, I am starting a marketing and training group focused on helping companies develop a customer experience framework and put it to work. With the launch of the CX plan, clients will create highly satisfied, loyal customers which will reduce customer turnover and increases revenue. Batch and Bundle will offer B2B customer experience focused services that encompass all things customer care focused. Everything from recruiting to help you build a highly in house CX team to software implementation consulting that helps you find the right CRM solution for your business with an unbiased but educated viewpoint. Our core focus however is customer experience framework and plan design, development, training, and execution. The customer experience encompasses the entire customer journey from making a person aware of your company and what you do, getting them engaged and interested, buying the product or service, creating a loyal customer and moving them up the loyalty ladder until they are a fervent follower and advocate of the company. Thank you so much for your time and interest in Batch & Bundle! Kind regards, Ben Wilson Founder and Small Business Advocate Batch & Bundle, LLC p. 412.915.2386 e.

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